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RGS School alias Kings SchoolWELCOME
Welcome to That Taught Us - the definitive site for Channel 4's production That'll Teach Em Series 1, broadcast in August 2003. The site is still being worked on, but by the end of it all of our academic subjects will be covered, all of our extra activities including CCF, Deportment, and exclusives such as the A Midsummer Night's Dream production, Boy's Hobbies and the Cinema room! You can also contact people from the series right now on the Teachem forums over at Meanwhile thanks for visiting and feel free to send me your comments or suggestions to (or through MSN Messenger)

Matron Pat CroweSHE'S BACK
PAT Crowe, otherwise known as Matron, is back after the third timewarp series of That'll Teach 'Em. Speaking on Teachem about the second series she said that the 1960s lot were definitely "harder to handle" than us, and that she thought the reason for this was because they did not let themselves get into the sixties soon enough. I suppose the Matron had a more important (and powerful) role in the boarding school as opposed to the secondary modern... You can contact Matron anytime on the Teachem website! or just find out her thoughts on the third set of pupils.

Simon Waller I do not know it SirI DON'T KNOW IT!
SIMON Waller suffered the wrath of Mr. Warr in the 1950s French lessons. Asked to "conjugate the verb avoir" from his seat, Waller looked on puzzled and speechless. "You've just sat an exam, and you can't conjugate the verb avoir" asked a baffled Mr. Warr. "I have, You have, He has, She has, We have, You have, They have, They have.. That's English by the way" he continued; wide-eyed, and meter ruler in hand. Simon retaliated with "If I've got the book in front of me.. if I've got the stuff.. then I can do it.." At his wits end he shouted back "I can't do it!" Simon was instantly repudiated.

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