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For the majority of high-flyers, PE is the least loved subject. Kings was, however, different. We did a bit of everything: long jump, shotput, 100m, swimming, hockey, cricket, gym (circuit) training, and, of course, the cross country. All under the watchful eye of dapper Mr Daplyn. In fact, much of the term's sporting calendar was not broadcast. Shame. On our first settled-in weekend a boys vs girls hockey match took place! The boys won, obviously, though through no help of some of the boys. I'm not mentioning any names, but "me".. I believe we were rewarded with seconds of dessert at tea time, too.

Kings School Pupils exercising That was on a cloudy day. I remember that well. The sun did, however, always shine for the boys doing cricket. After a week or two of playing cricket, the boys were split into two teams, kitted out in full traditional cricket attire, and put head to head. As the girls and lady-teachers watched on from the cricket pavillion, preparing sandwiches and cakes, we played. It was tiring, but only one team could win. We were rewarded with fish and chips, shandy, and *gasp* tomato ketchup (again, through no help of my own.. *shame*) We never ate so quickly and greedily as that over the rest of the four weeks.

Swimming at Kings School Swimming was a popular lesson on sunny days (since the pool was outdoor and, to truly reflect 1950s conditions, gloriously unheated), but on cold, rainy, Friday mornings, there were other places we'd rather have been, doing anything other than lengths in lycra leaves-zilch-to-the-imagination swimming trunks and swimming costumes in icy waters. It culminated in the end of term gala complete with sunshine, Mr Daplyn, his loudspeaker, medals, congratulations, water fights, splashing, and generally just the whole hoo-har.

PE class at Kings School The cross country pushed most of us to our limits. It was a long run, up- and downhill, in the wonderfully appropriate Summer (why does it never come out when we want it) sun. One dormitory came out victorious and untouched. The über-fit how-on-earth-do-they-do-it Drake dormitory (Colum Hughes, Andy Walne and Rajay Naik) bagged a whopping six medals between them. Bravo! Anyhows, that concluded the sports calendar at Kings, only a few days before we returned to real life.

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