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Andy Walne

Also Known as Mr. Magic

 Andy Walne the magicianThe first thing I remember about Andy is him being told off by Matron for having trousers that were too big for him. He protested that it could not possibly be his fault as these were the trousers he had been issued.
Nevertheless matron pursued in telling him off for not having his shirt tucked into these monster-sized trousers. Andy stated how he could not possible tuck in his shirt if the trousers were flapping about in the oversized manner that they were.
To which matron replied: 'Do you want me tuck it in for you?' Andy accepted defeat and tucked in his shirt and held his trousers up.

That night, Andy showed me something I will never forgetů
He has these amazing hands that move so quickly, you don't even notice him doing anything. Of course I'm talking about Magic. Andy had a pack of playing card (really expensive ones too!) and showed me some tricks.
Now, no one likes to made to look like a fool, so when someone does magic on you, you try to explain that you know how its done.
I'm not just saying this, but now, after seeing some of his tricks being done so many times, I do know how they are done.
I've also had the advantage of seeing them from the angle your not supposed to see them from. But, I must confess, the speed and skill it takes to do those tricks is beyond me.
Everyone knows that most card magic is just slight of hand, but its much more than that, and Andy pulled off every trick effortlessly, and when one would rejoice in him seemingly failing, he'd turn it around, finish the trick and make you look like a fool again.

Andy was also interested in playing the guitar, and as I had one in the school, he went about showing the few chords he knew and the bits and pieces of songs he knew.
The most memorable of these was the riff from Blink 182's F*ck A Dog. He played it, and taught me how to play it. Then one evening, when Andy, McCready and I were on sitting my bed, with Andy playing the guitar, the camera crew entered. We decided to play up to the camera a little, and so Andy played F*ck A Dog (which had by now became a unofficial Kings anthem). The cameraman and sound guy loved it, but afterwards, Andy was worried. What if his mother, nana, and other members of his family were to see him playing this zoophilia song? So, he took a trip to the reverend whom we were allowed to talk to about anything in the school on a Sunday. The rev. told him not to worry as he thought that it was highly unlikely that they would realise the song was about Andy wanting to (and I quote) sausage a dog from behind. Andy continued to take his guitar lessons from me on a near nightly basis, and I wonder whether he can play Half The World Away yet?

Andy had an infectious laugh, and he loved to laugh. As you see in the episode where both he and I are sent from the dining room. We are seen laughing at something and to this day we cannot remember what it was. First Andy is expelled from the dining room. And then all is calm at the table. Then, I get a fit of the giggles remembering what we were laughing at in the first place. I too get sent out. I stop laughing on my way out, but when I see Andy outside, not laughing, we both burst into a fit of laughter. The camera crew came over and we were asked what we were laughing at. Neither of us could remember, but we continued to laugh. Also outside at the time were Harriet Rykens and Hannah Smith, sent out for talking. They too joined in on our laughing, as it was too infectious to ignore. We also had the crew stifling laughter at one point. But it seemed that the only person who wasn't affected by our laughter was Mr. Warr who had heard us laughing from inside the dining hall. He came out and bellowed at us. This soon put an end to the laughter.
Andy was one of the backing vocalists with the 
"Drake Dorm Dromitones" who had written a song, and performed it for the school at the dance

  • Street Magic
  • Water Raiding.
  • Uncontrollable laughter.
Part in the Play:
  • Thisby  (Andy took over this part from Joe when he was expelled)
Profile written by:
  • Colum Hughes

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