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Colum Hughes

Colum Hughes came from a comprehensive grant-maintained Catholic high school near Liverpool. For someone who considered ICT and Media Studies to be two of his favourite subjects, and web design one of his hobbies before he entered the boarding school, this journey back in time was going to be no easy feat.

Colum Hughes reading the lesson

But although he didn't have any contact with electronic equipment at all for a month, Colum's other talents and interests were made use of. He enjoyed English and Drama at school and so he took the opportunity to play one of the Rude Mechanicals in the class production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Colum's admitted his ambition before entering to be "Fame (I wanna live forever!)". No surprises there then!

Colum was a keen sportsman, and found it impossible to name a single favourite. The boys joked that he so easily outran them anytime because of all his experience running from the Police back in Liverpool! Along with Andy Walne and Raj Naik, Colum and the rest of Drake dorm won eight medals collectively from the term's sporting calendar, far more than any other dorm!

Aside from his sporting and acting abilities, Colum was a gifted musician, impressing the whole school with his impromptu jams on the piano in the hall (not that he was allowed to of course), as well as on his guitar every night before lights out.

And aside from his sporting, acting and musical abilities, Colum will be remembered more than anything else for his wet-yourself hilariousness. He was always cracking jokes, most of the time in the most inappropriate of situations (such as when Matron or the Headmaster was in a bad mood). Although his efforts sometimes prompted collective groans from the boys and girls alike, he had us rolling on the floor in hysterics 99.9% of the time and a month in the school without him wouldn't have been the same place.



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