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Nicola Greenhalgh

Nicola came from a private school in Greater Manchester Nicola Greenhalghand was used to a life of luxury at her family home. For her more than others, the step-down to a basic 1950s school lifestyle was not easy. In her application for the show she claimed she was "easily directed" and able to "follow instructions well". She was, in contrast, one of the first names the teachers got to know for her sharp attitude and outspoken character.

Of course, these are the qualities that are perfect for a life in the spotlight and Nicola wanted just that. Her main ambition was to become an actress, as she loved Drama and English at school. Fittingly, she played a brilliant part in the school's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

She didn't get on well with Dr. Pidoux the English teacher, or the other female member of staff as a matter of fact: Matron. Matron was always onto Nicola for make-up, bad language, table manners, unladylike comportment… if it wasn't one thing, it was another. Most of the time she was able to be seen fanning herself with her exercise book. This was, however, in order to make sitting in the scorching temperatures of the classroom that little bit more bearable.



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  •  Blaine Pike

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