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Rajay Naik

Raj the Fadge

ON the first day of our Kings experience, we were all sent to our dormitories with our other dorm mates. I was lucky; I only had two people to get to know. One of them was Rajay Naik. He didn't say much at first, nor did any of us.
None of us really knew what to say to each other, but we all probably had the same question on our lips… why are we here? Conversation was suddenly started when Matron felt my backside off camera when leaving the room. It made both Andy and Raj laugh, so the ice was broken, we weren't as nervous as before.
Gradually we eased into conversation finding out about each other. We asked Raj how to pronounce his own surname. Was it 'NIKE' or 'NAKE' and he replied in his most laid back Coventry accent, I don't really know.
This made me laugh. This guy was so laid back about things that he wasn't bothered at all by any mispronunciation of his surname. Andy and I just called him 'Raj' for safekeeping.

One of the funniest things I remember Raj saying came when Andy and I were comparing the tan on our arms. We had our forearms next to each other and each of us was stating that their tan was clearly darker, then in came Raj holding his forearm next to ours saying: 'Actually, I think mine is the darkest.' The king of cool had a point.

Not only was Raj funny, more than he really knows, but he is extremely intelligent. He had an amazing knowledge in English and got one of the highest marks in one of the tests. But, when he didn't do so well, in another, his chilled out side showed, and he wasn't really bothered at all.
In the dorm, Raj still made Andy and I laugh, but not knowing he was doing so. He would say something, out of the blue, like about how much he hates one of the teachers, and why, but in his laid-back tone, it was so funny.
Whereas one expects someone to rant about something/someone they hate, Raj stated everything calmly. It was truly hilarious.

Raj was one of the babies of the school and celebrating his birthday in the school will be something I'm sure he'll never forget.
Imagine getting a bag of sweets of 28 of your friends for your 16th birthday… and a card made out of brown paper. Anyway, he loved it. In fact, so did Andy and I who would help him eat his sweets in the middle of the night.

Aside from sharing his sweets out in the middle of the night, Raj was the only one of Drake Dorm not to be sent outside to stand against the wall. I was stood outside the dorm in the middle of the night twice, the second time I was accompanied by Andy.
However, when Mr. Perry entered the room after hearing Andy and I talking Raj, pretended to be asleep! He wasn't sent outside, although he too had been talking. I looked into the bedroom from standing outside against the wall, and saw Raj giggling away to himself in his bed…
Raj also played a major part in our late night water raids on other dorms. After telling Andy and I who to soak, he would stay in bed and giggle when we told him that we had soaked them…
I think Raj only left the room once in a daring late night water raid.
All in all, Rajay Naik was one of the funniest people in the school and his laid-back, chilled out style gave both me and Andy something to think about and he constantly reminded us that it wasn't real, it was only all make believe…
Rajay was one of the backing vocalists with the Drake Dorm Dromitones who had written a song, and performed it for the school at the dance…


  • Being chilled out.
  • English.
  • Not being sent out for talking in the middle of the night…
  • Water-raids (hardly ever got out of his bed!)
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Profile written by:
  • Colum Hughes.


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