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Rebecca Woodward

Rebecca WoodwardRebecca "Becky" Woodward was one of the loudest members of the group. She came from a comprehensive school in Gloucestershire and came with lots of energy. In the future she wants to combine acting and singing in a career, which will surprise nobody who meets or already knows her. PE was one of her favourite subjects listed on her application form as Becky loves every sport in the world. Well, almost.

She admitted that she was not "the sharpest knife in the drawer" when it came to the more academic side of the "school", but I for one can confirm that she sure as hell gave it her all. Ritual humiliation, being an everyday teaching method in the 1950s, was often targeted at Becky. Nevertheless, her reasonable and friendly character kept her so comfortably sane during the school to the point where Becky would quite happily do the whole thing all over again.



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  •  Blaine Pike

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