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Victoria Julien

picture of Victoria JulienVictoria Julien was a lass from a catholic comprehensive school in West Yorkshire. She had a love for reading and listed English and Drama as her two favourite subjects, though, unfortunately for her, she didn't get on very well with the English language, literature, AND drama teacher, Doctor Pidoux.

Swimming was one of her main hobbies before she went to Kings. However, the frequent 9am swims in the cold of the outdoor pool, often in rainy weather, didn't have the same appeal to her as that of her local swimming baths!

She appreciated the finer points of life such as friends and family and claimed not to have a reliance on TVs, computers and DVD players. During her time at Kings she realised just how much she took hot showers for granted in the outside world. Additionally, and rather more interestingly, she unearthed a love for the widely despised Spam sandwich, even making an apology for this "confession"! Her one ambition was to make a mark on this world, and make a difference, and nothing would stop her from doing the whole thing all over again.



Profile written by:
  •  Blaine Pike

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